Salome sends Granny back in time to Slavery

Chapter 3: Granny time travels to slavery

Witch - ColorGranny breathed in the warm and humid Louisiana air. It smelled clean and full of life. The air anywhere in the rural United States in 1858 was clean, free of the toxic pollutants that would build up over the course of the next century and a half. She knew some of the major industrial cities, filled with coal-powered machinery, would be different.

But for now, she was just walking the Louisiana road, and her sense of purpose made her walk tall and look straight ahead. The road itself was dirt of course, a bit moist, but not muddy today. It wasn’t hurricane season just yet. Granny’s boot-clad feet made soft indents into the rich soil. Tall, thick, and willowy trees grew up from the rich soil on either side of the road, forming a curtain around the elderly black woman’s path. Birds chirped and cawed from all-around. Bullfrogs and crickets started up their chorus as late afternoon began to turn to early evening. It wasn’t much farther, Granny knew, she would be to her destination before dark.

The trees thinned and then faded away as she reached the large clearing of property that formed the plantation where Granny’s slave family worked for the profit of their white owners. Granny could see the lights from the windows of the great and luxurious plantation house, with its white columns. Rice, cotton, and tobacco fields stretched far around the area. Granny looked around cautiously: she needed desperately to avoid detection by any overseers, guards, or even just wandering normal white folk. Southern American society at this time embraced racial slavery as the absolute law of the land, almost like a religion. Even if most white Southerners didn’t own slaves, they sure as hell didn’t want blacks living free, upsetting the “natural” order of things. But it seemed quiet on the plantation tonight. No sound but the crickets, and the bullfrogs back behind her.

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