Election 2016 vote for Drake on the Vampire ticket! Wait! He went back in time and stole it!

Occult Women

Chapter 2 Drake charms the witches

The news was awash with stories of members of the US military suddenly turning on their fellows in a manner similar to the zombies that most people knew from movies and TV. In barracks, in parade fields, in training grounds, and on airfields, groups of moaning, deranged soldiers suddenly grabbed and bit into the remaining “normal” personnel. Public concern was in an uproar of hysteria. TV pundits speculated endlessly on the cause of the outbreaks, how much it was the president’s fault, and what danger the outbreaks posed to the general public. America’s enemies celebrated, and America’s allies quaked with fear, especially just to the north and south in Canada and Mexico.

But Vice President Drake brought good news to his live news conference. He looked as handsome, brave, and sharp as ever, in his black suit and red tie, with his hair neatly combed and gelled. He spoke to the public from an undisclosed location in Hawaii. It was night-time there, and the Vice President stood outside, with many electric lights shining on him and his lectern.

“My fellow Americans,” he began, in his calm, deep, voice, “For the past two days, I have shared your concern, and, I wholly admit, fear, over the recent violence and chaos on our nation’s military bases. Many of our service members, enlisted and officers alike, have fallen victim to whatever infection or mass-psychosis this is. Many more of our brave men and women in uniform have fallen victim to these savage, cannibalistic attacks.” Drake gave a dramatic pause before continuing, knowing he had the nation’s full attention. The President had apparently been trying to keep the matter secret, and had made no public address yet.

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