Coming soon to Amazon and Audible: The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 4

Long, long ago, back in the days when the world was new and magic ran wild, there existed a kingdom by the name of Kaw. This Kaw was no ordinary kingdom: it was ruled by Queen Leanna, the magical peacock being, who could turn into a human form one time each month, during the full moon. Leanna ruled her kingdom wisely and also took pride in raising her daughter chicks in the proper ways to catch worms. These daughters were unbelievably precious to their mother, and each unique. One of them, Tam, was not a bird but rather a flying scorpion, with a brilliantly shiny shell, a sharp stinger, and fearsome claws. Sherry was a black swan, who was as graceful swimming atop the clear waters of the kingdom as she was soaring through the air. Kandy was a parrot, one of the most clever sorts of birds. And Gia, like her mother, was an elegant and proud peacock, especially blessed with the powers of a witch. The most powerful of Gia’s spells was the one known as Faint of Heart. If Gia’s could touch her flesh to that of someone else, she could use this spell to rob the victim of all convictions, courage, and willpower. Gia quickly became the favorite and most powerful of her mother’s chicks. Her natural talent for magic, combined with her ferocious devotion to learning and mastering it, made her a powerful and seductive witch. She gained the ability to remain in a human form for as long as she wished.

The Vampire Dancer Saga Parts 1, 2 and 3 are all Audiobooks now available at and iTunes (click the word Audible or iTunes to open link to store).



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Learn to Belly Dance Textbook & Certification Program: Dance Lessons & Choreographies For Students, Troupes, Performers… by Shalimar Ali (Aug 17, 2011)

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2 by Shalimar Ali (Dec 11, 2012)

Product Details

The Vampire Dancer Saga by Shalimar Ali, Shalimarali and N/A (Jul 25, 2012)

TVDS3 Front Cover JPEG

The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 3 by Shalimar Ali (Apr 13, 2014)







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