Do you remember where you lived?

Wayne AveI was thinking about how much junk I have accumulated from my houses in all these years and where did it come from.  Then realized, I don’t remember every place that I have lived.

Some younger people may have only lived in less than 5 houses, parent’s home, dorm, apartment, etc.

But being older, means that you have lived in several homes.

So I tried my best to recap every place I’ve lived, permanent addresses, where the mail was changed.

  1. Current address, Wayne Avenue
  2. East 75th
  3. East 81st
  4. East 76th
  5. East 42nd
  6. 44th Street
  7. 45th Street
  8. Townhouse VG
  9. 2 Bdrm VG
  10. 1 Bdrm VG
  11. East 76th
  12. Montgall, with Aunt
  13. College Dorm, different city
  14. Montgall, with Dad
  15. East 76th
  16. Woodland
  17. 10th Street
  18. Flora
  19. 10th Street
  20. Wayne Miner
  21. Not sure where I lived when I was born?

ExteriorI’m not even sure if that list is accurate.  I will need to check with my siblings, they may remember more

My favorite place of all is my current home on Wayne.  It is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath 2248 Square foot center hall Colonial built in 1923.  I hope I live to see it’s 100th anniversary.  I love Colonial homes and the 3 homes I have purchased have all been Colonial style.  And my mom’s house on East 76th was also Colonial style.

An older home means lots of projects.  And I LOVE home June 18 2013 038projects.  So far, I have had all of the original plumbing replaced, I have installed 9 new outdoor lights, 2 new outdoor receptacle sockets, 2 new outdoor faucets, replaced most of the light plate switches, the ceiling light in the foyer, 3 kitchen lights that came from my house on East 75th.

And I am not done.  I have one more matching ceiling light to install on my deck off the master bedroom.  I want to do a deck or patio off the French doors leading from the Sunroom.  Also replace the garage doors and fence.  I might tackle the kitchen one day and add granite, a backsplash and paint or replace cabinets.

It may seem like a lot of projects, but in the end, it’s my favorite location and I love the layout of the home.  Two things you can’t change:  the location and home layout/structure.

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