Goodbye iPhone 5, Hello iPhone 6 Bling

Iphone Bling 002I can’t afford to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 until payday this Friday.  But I will miss the “BLING” that I have on my current iPhone 5.

I love, love, love my peacock rhinestone case!!!  Trying to find a similar one for my iPhone 6.  It may be too soon to get one.  But I hope to find another BLING case before I get my new iPhone 6.

I will miss you iPhone 5.  It’s hard to admit, but sometimes we get attached to our devices.  But we have to keep up with the times Iphone Bling 003and new technology.

I remember asking my Mom to borrow $1,000 way, way, way, long time ago back when Packard Bell and Radio Shack ruled the “NEW” home computers.  It was one of those  TANDY computers that cost more than what they were worth.  But at the time, that was the only technology available.  And I couldn’t even afford to upgrade back then.  I remember my Mom getting our first home computer (Commodore or Atari?), the kind that hooked up to a cassette deck for storage.  Times sure have changed.

IMG_1004Now I give my devices pet names and buy bling and “outfits” like I used to with my Barbie dolls.

My computer has a first name, it’s Sunny, my old smartphone had a second name, it’s Wendy.  RIP Wendy, you were replaced by the iPhone.  I used to work for XBox support and wanted to have the iPhone to help troubleshoot during my job.  But now my job has changed to a different company, so it’s great to have help from Phony.

Laptop Bling 004Wendy (Windows Phone), RIP
Phony (iPhone 5) on lifeline, soon to be replaced by iPhone 6 (what should I nickname it?)
Patty (iPad 3)
Kenny (Kindle Fire)
Andy Hop (Android/HP Windows 7 dual boot tablet)
Sunny Glass (Sony Vaio PC, Windows Vista)
Sonny (Sony Vaio PC, Windows XP)
Hip: HP Pavilion Laptop (Windows 8), has matching keyboard and mouse
Laptop Bling 003Hop: HP Desktop HPE-500z (Windows 7), has matching keyboard and mouse

Since Apple TV has not been updated for a few years, I’m thinking about getting the Amazon TV for either my main Living Room or my Bedroom.  Apple really needs to keep up with Amazon at this point and bring the search to a remote.

Also, I am thinking about getting a MacBook Air, only so that I can use the new iOS 8 features with my iPhone and iPad like Laptop Bling 001Handoff, Continuity and Call Answering.  But I will get the MacBook Air, only if I can great a really, really good deal on eBay – best place to buy new toys.  I get a discount from my job, but not as good as the eBay deals.

Can you match the Device Picture with the Device Nickname?

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