TVDS3: Sampson & Delilah

Chapter 10B DelilahSt. Louis, MO
July, 1940

Sam inhaled the mid-summers night in all its glory. A cool and gentle breeze whispered through the tall grass of the field, which crickets chirped their favorite tune. The full moon shone down its pearly light on the rural region through which Sam traveled. He smiled when he saw the torch-lights and heard the voices and song of the Gypsy gathering ahead. Just through the tree line, and then there he was, and there were the Gypsy-folk in all their bohemian splendor: wooden wagons and tents, campfires and colorful sparkling clothes which dripped with the exotic culture of southeastern Europe. Bearded men watched with wide and hungry eyes beautiful young women with long and silky black hair belly-dance in front of a great bonfire. The fiddle and drum music played a lively tune, (Sam also heard a radio playing jazz music from a wagon, the new sound faintly discernible among all the more traditional music,) and the girls smiled and put on teasing faces as they wiggled and gyrated their hips and jiggled their barely hidden breasts.

Sam stepped into the carnival grounds, where he could smell the irresistible scent of cooking chicken, and roasted venison from the deer hunted fresh from the forest. His mouth watered, but not just from the food: he spotted DeeDee, who was just now getting into her dance with the other girls. She wore a fiery red and yellow outfit which matched the bonfire, and her voluptuous and fit body flickered like a vibrant flame. Sam bought a bottle of beer from a nearby vendor, smiled at her, and then she recognized him and smiled back…

The Holy Land

Biblical Times

Sampson and his lover, Delilah, traveled out of the city one evening to the nearby carnival of the strange nomadic folk. Sampson was a large man, with burly arms, and long hair and beard, while Delilah was beautiful and dark-skinned, with a very pretty face. The sun set across the sands, and the torches lit up, illuminating the awakening carnival of amazing sights, smells, and sounds. Colorful tents were arrayed all around the carnival. Some people were dressed in simple brown cloaks, while others wore colorful and elaborate costume. Many languages could be heard chatting, shouting, and laughing through all the movement and excitement. Sampson and Delilah both smiled at the fanfare of jugglers and acrobats, as well as delicious aromas of fresh food. Suddenly, they both heard a voice:

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 3 by Shalimar Ali (Apr 13, 2014)







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