TVDS3: It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Chapter 51960: Lightning flashes as Nayture watches Forest’s house. Rain is coming down in torrents as Malice saunters up to it, dripping, her clothes plastered to her, but otherwise unfazed by—in fact oblivious to—the rain. He had lived in that cabin for nearly three hundred years. Girls came and went with almost clockwork regularity. He thought if he didn’t turn any of them, he wouldn’t be burdened with any of them. She knew because he had told her the last time—a hundred years ago. And then he had let her die of fever, rather than turn her, make her like him and save her.

She hadn’t been able to stick around long enough to see what finally got Malice, who, back then, had been called Marnie. But it had been the same then, too. Nayture—then Queen Nature—was first drawn in by his charms and then when he was done with her, she would spend her nights perched outside his cabin watching as the other girls tramped back and forth. (“Huh”, she thought, “is that why they are called tramps?”) He didn’t seem to understand that they would come back, anyway. At least she and Malice would. This was Malice’s third time around, at least. And every time Nayture came back, all it would take was seeing that old cabin for her to remember and she would be drawn in again.

Malice raised her arms and moved her hips in an old world dance—Egyptian, Nayture thought. The rumor running around the village was that Malice was knocked up. Nayture was pretty sure that was a ruse to pin Forest down. It hadn’t worked the last time. It wouldn’t work this time. Last time Nayture had drawn up a gust of wind so powerful it had knocked the cloak right off of her and blew up her dress to reveal the pillow she had been using to fake a protruding belly. Nayture watched now as Malice danced her Egyptian dance—her spell for drawing Forest in. She didn’t have to draw him in. He wasn’t choosey. He would have let her in as he let every girl who stood there in. Malice’s mistake was believing that drawing him in would keep him. But it hadn’t worked last time. Why should it work now?

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 3 by Shalimar Ali (Apr 13, 2014)







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