TVDS3: Scheherazade’s Tall Tales at our Family Reunion

Chapter 4Once inside the party, Ro’Zha was approached by a woman she knew immediately. It was her cousin Scheherazade who told all of those wonderful stories about the Arabian nights. But Scheherazade was wearing the same strange modern dress as everyone else at the party. No matter, Scheherazade, whom people were calling Shera, took her by the arm and lead her into the throng, speaking closely to her ear.

“I know how you got here,” she said. “The magic carpet, the potion. Genie stole those from Queen Nayture. You’ll have to watch out for both of them from now on.” Ro’Zha looked at Shera questioningly. “Right now, though, there is someone I know you are going to want to meet,” Shera continued.

The two women stopped in front of a playpen that was sitting in a corner and Shera lifted the little boy out from the playpen. Ro’Zha recognized him immediately, too, and her heart leapt as she reached for him. It was her own baby boy, Nate. Prince Nate. She hugged her baby to her.

“I thought I would never see him again,” Ro’Zha said.

“Souls have a way of returning to the same families,” Shera explained. “We were just keeping an eye on him until you could return to claim him.”

Ro’Zha hugged her baby tightly, and then spying Ramses in the next room talking to her double, the one they all called Granny, she headed straight for them.

In the meantime, all of the children came and surrounded Shera demanding stories. Shera laughed and led them all over to the sofa; many of them sat on the floor around her. Shera reached under the coffee table and pulled out several photo albums, some of them quite old. “I’m going to tell you a story about you,” Shera told them.

The children all gathered in close as she opened one of the oldest photo albums and saw pictures of themselves looking back. These pictures were quite old, some were brittle and some were printed on thin metal plates. In each of the pictures they wore strange hair styles and funny clothes.

“Did you use Photoshop to make these?” one little girl asked.

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