TVDS3: Salome’s Harem Dancer

Chapter 1Once upon a time, there was a harem dancer in Egypt. Her job was to choreograph the dance troupe that entertained Queen Salome and her guests during dinner. The dancer’s name was Ro’Zha. Ro’Zha was having a secret affair with Salome’s beloved husband, King Ramses. Now she was pregnant with his child. So far she had been able to hide her belly under silk caftans, but her midwife, Etienne, warned that the child was due any day now.

Etienne loved to gossip, so she could not wait to tell all of the other dancers about the secret love child. Salome overheard the gossip and flew into a jealous rage. She consulted the palace witch, Malice, to hex a spell on Ro’Zha.

Malice came up with an evil spell. Ro’Zha will always be tethered to Salome throughout space and time. Salome will always be her master and Ro’Zha will always serve her as maiden or slave. Furthermore, every generation of Ro’Zha’s children will inherit night walker blood of the vampires.

Etienne overheard the queen speaking with Malice and now she felt guilty about Ro’Zha’s fate. So she confessed to Ro’Zha what she had done and begged for her forgiveness. Ro’Zha was overcome with grief because she did not want the witch’s curse. Etienne suggested that she seek out the Sultan of Bagdad. He was a big fan of the all the belly dancers in the harem and would grant them favors in exchange for a “special” show.

Ro’Zha cried out in pain, as she was having labor contractions now. Etienne warned her to be as quiet as possible, so that Salome will not hear her. Etienne gathered the dance troupe members and they performed a floor dance to Chiftitelli while Ro’Zha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. What name will you give this child, asked Etienne? I will call him Prince Nate Ram. The dancers shouted their zaghareets as they congratulated Ro’Zha on the birth of her child. Etienne promised to hide the baby in a secret chamber to keep them safe from Salome.

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Learn to Belly Dance Textbook & Certification Program: Dance Lessons & Choreographies For Students, Troupes, Performers… by Shalimar Ali (Aug 17, 2011)

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2 by Shalimar Ali (Dec 11, 2012)

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The Vampire Dancer Saga by Shalimar Ali, Shalimarali and N/A (Jul 25, 2012)

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 3 by Shalimar Ali (Apr 13, 2014)






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