Coming Soon–The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 3

TVDS3 Front Cover JPEGFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, presents the third part of The Vampire Dancer Saga. This book is dedicated to take the audience back in the time of Egyptian era.

One of the members of the team says, “We have tried to recreate the time of Egyptian kings and queens. Audiences have always been interested in the mystic time of this particular civilization. Keeping this in mind, we have brought in the old times back, through our book.” This book has included the professionals, who are focused on depict the timing of the Mummy, in the most beautiful manner. People would also get to see the personification of Frankenstein. Besides that, the cult character of Dracula would also be presented in front of the audience.

The book would initiate with the phase, where playboy Dracula tries to charm Nefertiti in the old days. One the other hand, his descendent playboy Drake tries to impress cousin Tee, in the present time. The book would also vampirebring in the role of Cleopatra. The narrative would beautifully take up the journey of the most beautiful woman in the world, from the very beginning. The conflict gets formed, when Ammut, a jealous rival, turns her into an ugly duckling. The confusion continues in the fact, whether Genie and Gene continues loving her or not. Audience gets to discover that, in the span of the book.

The story also shows the life of Queen NayTure. The story line moves, as she can control the power of the universe, change mortals to vampires, turn nights into days and many such fascinating facts. The conflict again takes place on the fact, that if she would be able to have a control over her heart, from falling for Malice. On the other hand, daughter of Gene and Cleopatra, Aaliyah, is a belly dancer. She tries to win the love of King Tut. Alyce, her doppelganger tries to win the love of Hutch, the descendent of Tut.

The Vampire Dancer Saga, Part 3 has created great sensation among people. Rose J, book enthusiast is extremely excited about the news of the book. She comments, “I am very interested in the book. The characterizations seem Tableto be colorful and exciting at the same time. I was always fond of the Egyptian royal characters and really happy to know about the narrative. I am looking forward to see, the characters come alive.”

The Vampire Dancer Saga, Part 3 is going to be presented. This book would take up the mysterious Egyptian characters. For more information please visit

Phone Number 888-795-4274, Ext 7879



The Vampire Dancer Saga, Part 3 brings in the best Egyptian historical characters alive. This book is highly encouraged by people.

TVDS3 Back Cover JPEG

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