Guest Blog from Oranjegirl: Dance Fads

Dance Fad Crazes for the Last 50 Years

GangnamDance fad crazes characterize bursts of popularity that are short-lived. Many of these fads have been witnessed to come and go over the last decades. Some of them later became hit movies and songs. It is important to know how dance impacted society during the last 50 years. They encouraged socialization of the dancers and their spectators in addition to being a form of entertainment.

Some of these fad crazes are discussed below.

CharlestonDa Dip

In this dance craze, hands are placed on the hips and the dancers dip in turn before dipping together with their hands on their hips. Da Dip was very popular in the 90s.


Wobble characterizes a line dance like hustle with dancers shaking their lower bodies a lot. The craze was popular in the 1910s.


Hip HopJump is said to be the simplest style with instructions that are easy and specific. In 1992, the dance style was performed relentlessly and repeatedly. Popular in the 90s, the jump style was used 163 times in two songs that were a hit during that time.

Cooking Dance

This dance craze was popular in the 1910s and characterized swirling of the arms together with the movements of the upper body in cooking related motions.

MacarenaThe Bump

The Bump was popular in the 1970s and simmered tension that was sexual in nature. The posterior was wound back and hurled into the next person.

The Humpty Dance

The 90s Humpty dance featured a side limp as if the leg is broken, twitching and shaking like smokers. The dancer was trying to show they were in so much pain as part of the style’s cultural fad.

Robot MJThe Fade Away

The Fade Away dance featured arms being put in the position of a basketball player trying to score and while falling backwards, they were let go. It was popular in the 00s.

Other popular craze style of dancing worth noting are shoulder lean, the Melbourne and cupid Shuffle, chicken noodle soup, snap, the running man, the Pogo, Lambada, the pee-wee Herman, jump on it, cat daddy, walk like an Egyptian, Carlton, time warp, hammer, the thriller, the Soulja boy, cotton eye joe, line dance, the robot, single ladies, the locomotion, Twist2moonwalk, Gangnam style, the Dougie, Cha Cha style, lean back, YMCA, the hustle, the electric slide, the twist, vogue and the 90s Macarena, among others.


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