Quesadilla, what’s the deal-a?

Q7A quesadilla (/ˌksəˈdjə/, Spanish About this sound kesaˈðiʝa (help·info)) is a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla filled with a savory mixture containing cheese, other ingredients, and/or vegetables, (often) then folded in half to form a half-moon shape.[1] This dish originated in Mexico, and the name is derived from tortilla and the Spanish word for cheese queso.[2]


Quesadillas are new to my foodie journey.  I used to travel to belly dance back in the 1980s.  I went to the Amtrak station, twice in Los Angeles, CA and noticed quesadillas on the menu.  Hmm, I was Q11curious.  The dish was very popular with the other train travelers.  I did not know how to pronounce the name of the dish “quesadillas” so I was too scared to order it.

My plan was to wait until someone else ordered it, so that I would know how to pronounce it and order it for myself.  But that plan took 2 YEARS!  Yikes!  The 2nd year at the Amtrak station, in Los Angeles, CA, I was finally able to satisfy my curiosity.

Someone ordered “quesadillas” and I was in line, right behind, them, so I finally knew how to pronounce it.

Daily 2I got my first taste of quesadilla in Los Angeles, CA in the 1980s!  Yay me!

It was so yummy!  Like a grilled cheese sandwich.

I wanted to try this dish at home, so I ordered a Quesadilla Maker.  I was able to experiment with chicken, beef and pork quesadillas.  I hope to make some quesadillas and Margaritas soon!

Here is a link to my favorite recipe:



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