Don’t Dance on Friday the 13th!

Genie1Don’t Dance on Friday the 13th!
Vamptember, 1860; St. Louis, MO

Gather around my children and listen to a tale of aliens from the Planet Vampire who came to visit earth in the 1800s to observe our cultures, music, food and dance. They are preparing a World Fair on their planet that will showcase 10 decades of change. Behold, the Vampire Dancer Saga Tour.

But the competition took hardly any time at all, as it took place in multiple times.  Soon, Salome stood overlooking 1860’s Missouri in the city of St. Louis.  With all the other dancers dead or insane, only Team Butchers & Bakers  consisting of Tam, Lance, Regent, Sherry, Dolf, Gia, Kandy remained to be dealt with.  They were eating at their favorite Italian restaurant, anxious to know when their 3 Wishescompetition would start, and fearful that they could be the only remaining dancers capable of beating Salome in the universe.  Tam casually brings up that the dance will fail, and when asked as to why she simply says:

“Because it’s Friday the Thirteenth”

Lance, always the optimist, pointed out to his sister that with the Genie2streak of bad luck all the other dance teams in the universe had, it was likely that Friday the Thirteenth might mean a reversal in their luck.  Dolf received a package at the door, addressed to the whole family from Salome.  It was a brass lamp, and before anyone else could say anything, he had rubbed the dusty side of it, invoking a genie to pop out into the air. As was expected, this genie offered to grant three wishes to the ones who had released him from his lamp. Sherry immediately jumped upon the opportunity, despite her team members’ misgivings. She wished for them to have already traveled to Egypt to learn from the best belly dancers in the world. Then she wished for them to have learned the dances of their ancestors, powerful movements older than any religion.

Friday13It was the last wish that did her team in. She wished for she and her team to win the contest. At this, the genie flared up and his eyes came alive with fire. He screamed at them in a mighty voice made of storms that they were trying to cheat Salome, and the whole competition.

“For this you die!” He bellowed. Immediately, three male and three female dancers popped up beside him, ready to dance them into oblivion. Team Butchers and Bakers, however, had spent their first two wishes wisely. Using ancient dances older than the genie himself, almost older than Salome, they defeated the final opponent in the competition.

Genie3Back at the Nexus, the Vampires and Dancers and Time Travelers of the universe cheered, Dick Clarkes 1-5 laughed their deep laughs, and Salome only frowned. The situation was bitter sweet to the dancers however, as all of those who were of their own caliber had perished in Salome’s trick. But science came to save the day at the last minute.

“Congratulations!” Cried the Dick Clarkes in unison. “Courtesy of the StarchGate corporation, you have won the ability to save as many lives as you would like from the point where they ended in history!”



Product Details

Learn to Belly Dance Textbook & Certification Program: Dance Lessons & Choreographies For Students, Troupes, Performers… by Shalimar Ali (Aug 17, 2011)

Product Details

The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2 by Shalimar Ali (Dec 11, 2012)

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