Dancing through the StarchGate–September, 1933

Chapter 9 Dancing through StarchGate

September 1933; Chicago, IL

Eleanor PowellTeam Hip Hop Lindy Hoppers sat in their seats alternately chatting, watching the landscape pass through the windows around them and finding their own ways to pass the time. Eleanor Powell and Alyce Braden sit side by side sharing a glossy movie star magazine. Outside a depressed looking farmstead complete with dilapidated barn and tilting two story farm house passed by. A couple of sickly looking cows, standing side by side, looked up, chewing their cud as they watched the train pass. The girls didn’t notice the cows, as they were too engrossed in a stunning picture of Boris Karloff.

Fred and Ginger were practicing their routine in the aisle as the Nicholas brothers flipped quarters between them to pass the time. Bill Bojangles Robinson napped while his seat mate, Busby Berkeley shined his own shoes. Fred looks over at Bill and sees him stir. Bill opens his eyes to look Fred Astairout the window.

“Bill,” says Fred, “you over there dreaming about the BBQ we’re going to have.”

“Oh, man,” Bill replies, excitedly, “I’ve been to this joint before. It’ll be the best barbecue chicken you ever had. . . “ And with that Bojangles was off to the races about the magnificent barbecue chicken dinner that awaited them after the dance competition. They were going to a little joint in Chicago that Bill swore by.

“Labor Day, man,” Bill said, “can’t get here fast enough.”

Ginger Rogers“Calm down now, Bill,” Fayard chuckles, “we have to win that competition, first.”

“You better start practicing, then” Harold tells Fayard, “I may be good, but I’m not going to be able to carry the both of us.”

Fayard pulled Harold’s hat down over his face.

“I could certainly use some practice,” Eleanor piped up.

“Me too,” Alyce chimed in.

“I guess it’s settled then,” said Fred, “Everyone up and we’ll give this thing Bill Bojanglesa go.”

Everyone begins to rise and stretch themselves as Sonny the porter comes along to check on the passengers.

“How is everything, folks?” Sonny asks.

“Well,” said Fred, “I don’t suppose there is a better place for us to rehearse than this aisle, is there?”



Nicholas Brothershttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor_Powell


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