Crazy Awesome Games: The Game of Life!

Game1The Game of Life was not very popular when it was invented in 1860.   But the 1960’s version gave The Game of Life NEW LIFE!

It is one of my all-time favorite games!  I play it on my:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPad
  • Kindle
  • XBox 360Game2
  • Wii
  • PC (1991 Version)
  • PC (2005 Version)
  • The Game of Life Zapped

So many different versions!  Which one is the best?

Game5My favorite version is actually the PC 1991 Version.  I love the announcer, the music and way the game starts out in the 1950s and ends up in the 2000s.  When you play the 1991 version, I prefer to go to College and get the Police Officer as my career (you get 10K anytime a 10 is rolled).  Also $90,000 is the best salary to get.  If you get the top salary of $100,000, the other players want to get that one.  So stick with $90K and the Police Officer and you will win.  CHEAT: If you are playing against the AI computer players, save the game until you land on Stock Market Zooms – Collect 1 Stock!  I usually start the game by buying the “8” stock, when I land on the Collect 1 stock, I choose the “9” stock, so that if anyone rolls 8, 9 or 10 – I get paid!

Game3Be sure to buy the Victorian Mansion, even though you may pay up to $300K for it, you get the entire $300K investment back right away.  And by all means, always buy house insurance right after you purchase your house.  And be sure to buy your stock number and car insurance at the very beginning of the game, so you won’t have the most money.  The other players will “take” money from the player who has the most.

When playing the PC 2005 version, I prefer to choose a Career, rather than college.  But this time, go for the Athlete!  The Athlete will earn the most money and gets double the amount on raises.  The next best career is the Entertainer.  GAME STRATEGY: If possible, try not to lose your Game6career and keep the Athlete throughout the entire game.  Don’t go back to school and of course choose the Safe Path and Family Path.  Try not to get any loans, for College in this version, because it will hurt you in the end.  Also, get the MANSION!  You don’t want any RED X’s when you view the Goals of Life!

When comparing the different versions for iPad, iPhone and Kindle, the iPad is the best and the Kindle is the worst, in my opinion.  I have noticed that many of the same games that I have on Kindle does not have the same graphics and options as the iPhone/iPad offers.  For Game4example, when you click “Explore” on the iPad version, you can touch the grass and hear it swoosh.  Or, if you touch the water or church bells, you hear them, but not on the Kindle.

When if comes to The Game of Life on the XBox versus the Wii, there is no contest!  With the XBox, of course, you can use your own personal gamertag avatar.  I prefer my XBox avatar over the Wii Mii because first of all, the Mii’s have stupid arms.  YUCK!

I got my iPad late last year and ZAPPED was one of the major reasons why I wanted an iPad.  I am a Monopoly collector and noticed Monopoly Zapped on the internet one day.  I was stunned!  I thought I had every version possible for Monopoly (WHICH IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME).  So when I saw Monopoly Zapped, I Game9felt like I had been left uninvited to a party.  I had to have it to add to my Monopoly collection.  So I purchased my iPad just so I could get Monopoly Zapped.  Strange reason to buy an iPad, right?  And at the same time I purchased The Game of Life Zapped.  I have only played the Game of Life Zapped twice, but I really don’t prefer playing physical Board Games, if I can play the same game on my iPhone, iPad, PC, Kindle or XBox.  But I had to try The Game of Life Zapped.  It was not really worth the effort.  There is money to distribute and those little tiny Game10babies get lost.  I swear, there is 1 or 2 of those tiny babies under my couch.  Too much work, too much to do and too much effort.  Sort of nerve-wracking.

So I plan to stick with playing The Game of Life on my PC, usually the 1991 version.  But sometimes I play the 2005 version.  Or, if I’m in my bedroom or bored somewhere when the PC is not available, I can play on my iPhone, Ipad or Kindle (only if the iPhone or iPad is being charged). LOL

Game7So get a version of The Game of Live and try it!

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