Dancing back to our Past – Bacon Blue Cheese burgers

Bacon41950s Dancing back to our Past
July, 1950; Philadelphia, PA

When they came to, the Team Jive Turkey Dancers could tell something had changed. They weren’t even sure they were still in Philadelphia. Bob Fosse looked around, trying to get everyone organized. Jerome Robbins, Cyd Charisse, Debbie Reynolds, Chubby Checker, Donald O’Connor, and Gene Kelly, looks like everyone is here. “Okay everyone, let’s try to figure out what happened. Does anybody remember what happened?” Bob asked. Bob FosseThey quickly came to the consensus that there had been a bright flash of light when they stepped out to do the Jive Dance, and everything had changed after that. “Here, let’s find a newspaper and we’ll probably find out something useful,” Donald offered.

It didn’t take long to find a newspaper and they learned a great deal from it. The most surprising fact was that it was no longer the 1950’s. “It says here it’s 1992. That explains the odd clothing everyone seems to be wearing. What happened to sensible outfits?” Debbie said, taking a look at the date. “You mean we’ve travelled in time? That’s impossible; we can travel to the future!” Cyd cried. It took a moment before they were able to get her to calm down. They were all pretty shocked at their surroundings, but panicking wouldn’t help anything. “It seems we’re still in Philadelphia at least,” Gene said, looking through some of the stories in the Jerome Robbinspaper. So now they knew they were in Philadelphia, only pushed into the future. Suddenly, Bob noticed another important piece of information. “Hey, it’s the 4th of July!” he said, nearly shouting. They had seen several flags about, but thought only that they were just normal symbols of patriotism. It would be quite interesting to see what the future would do to celebrate the holiday. “Well, if it’s the 4th of July, there’s only one thing that we can do. We have to find some Bacon Blue Cheese burgers,” Chubby Checker said. “It’s not a celebration without them!”

Everyone agreed that they had to find the Bacon Blue Cheese burgers or they wouldn’t enjoy the holiday properly. Luckily for them, there was a local shop that specialized in older cuisine and the Bacon Blue Cheese burgers were on the menu. They sat down to eat their meal when suddenly they heard a very familiar Cyd Charissevoice coming from the TV in the restaurant. It was the Mummy! Their rival of the dance competition must have been transported through time with them as well. They looked at the screen to see where he was, perhaps he was being interviewed when they saw none other than Dick Clarke. “Is he really the Mummy?” Jerome posed the questions to his friends. The words “Mayor Dick Clarke” scrolled across the bottom of the screen and their eyes lit up. The Mummy had always said he’d run Philadelphia one day. There was no mistaking it after seeing his mannerisms and hearing his speech pattern. It was the same man they had known long ago as the Mummy. He’d travelled back to the future with them and there was only one thing to do to settle the score. They had to find him, and there had to be a Jive Danceoff.

Donald OConnorhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyd_Charisse

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Debbie ReynoldsChubby CheckersDick Clark 1961


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