Michael Jackson Dances back from the Grave! Happy Easter 2013! Happy Birthday Mike!

Chapter 4 Michael Jackson Dances back from the Grave!

April, 1980; Gary, IN

Michael Jackson“Hey Mike,” Gregory Hines asks the captain of the Gary, Indiana, Team Breakdancing Freaks, “why we gotta keep this guy around? What does he have to offer the team?”

It was two days before Easter and the weather had been warm enough over the past few days to allow the group to practice outdoors.

Michael Jackson just smiles sagely as Debbie Allen also chimes in, “Yeah, he doesn’t dance. He just sits there and watches us.”

“I have my reasons,” is all Michael will say.

“I’m sure you do,” says Patrick Swayze as he and Jennifer Beals jump up from practicing their windmills.Debbie Allen

“So what is his job, Michael?” asks Janet. “Is he the business manager or the mascot?”

Michael Jackson looks over at Mel Brooks and considers the possibilities.

“I suppose if those are my options, then I would have to go with mascot. That’s the closest thing to the truth.”

Mel Brooks looks back at Mike.

“I could handle being the mascot.”

Patrick“Well you certainly don’t look like you could handle the dancing,” Jennifer says with determination.

“I think,” said Michael, “that oracle would be a better definition of his role on our team.”

“Alright mighty oracle,” says Gregory, “predict the future.”

Janet“It doesn’t work that way,” Mel tells him. “Ask me a specific question, like where did I leave my keys or will I win the contest?”

“Alright,” says Debbie, “what should we do to win the competition?”

“Practice,” says Mel.

“Good idea,” says Michael. “Why don’t we all work on our power moves to make them really impressive?”

Mel’s eyes begin to roll back in his head and he speaks in a lower voice.

“You should remember the windmill. It is a powerful move that has the power Marie Dollsto raise the dead, especially if it is done by Patrick.”

“Bet you didn’t know that you were magic,” Janet tells Patrick.

“Beware,” Mel goes on, “it will take a lot out of you. It could end up costing you your life.”

Most of the team blows off this prediction in order to practice their power moves. Patrick works on his windmills. Debbie watches him so that she can give him a little coaching.

Gregory HinesMichael calls the crew together to go through their group routine. As they dance, a funny thing happens: a second Michael appears. Everyone stops what they are doing to stare at him.

“What’s going on here?” Janet finally manages.

“I don’t know,” says the new Michael.

“You brought him here,” Mel tells the group.

“We did?” asks Jennifer.

“Yup,” says Mel, “Michael of the Future. And you are going to need him.”

Mel Brooks“Need him for what?” Gregory asks. “Mike do you know what this is all about?”

“No,” says Michael, “but I trust him.”

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