Happy birthday to my sister and her Alter Ego Kandy! March 1st!

I’m a bit late in my online birthday congrats to my baby sister, named “Kandy” in the Vampire Dancer Saga, parts 1 & 2.

The truth is, my baby sister inspired me to be a DANCER!

It was the late 1970s early 1980s when my baby sister had a Dance Recital.  My sister was up for the part to sing I Want to Be A Dancer, but lost out that part to another girl for the recital.  If I had not been in that audience for my little sister’s recital, I would have NEVER wanted to be a dancer.  I still remember the lyrics to that song:

I want to be a dancer
And dance professionally
I want to be a dancer,
Cuz, T-V, that’s for me
It takes a lot of practice
To dance professionally
I want to be a dancer,
Cuz, T-V, that’s for me

I CRIED when I heard that little girl sing that song during the recital.  My sister did not win that audition to sing the lead in that song and did not sing it in that recital.

But when I heard that song, I KNEW in my heart, that I wanted to PURSUE dance.

Pursuing dance means a COMITTMENT to dance.

I knew that I wanted to take my dance training to the next level.  Meaning becoming a professional dancer.

I knew in my heart that would mean HARD and an IMPOSSIBLE dream, but I also knew that I couldn’t be a COWARD and not try to be a dancer.

I was a government employee at that time, so it was a bit ridiculous to consider becoming a professional Belly Dancer.  When would I be able to perform?  How much training would be required?  What would I need as far as costumes, etc.?

All these questions entered my mind and created a CHALLENGE to explore a professional dance career in Belly Dance.

As it turned out, with HARD WORK and DEDICATION, you can make any DREAM  reality!


You might have the WILDEST dream of becoming an oceanographer, chef, First Lady or President of the United States!

NEVER!  Give up that dream.  Just like I dreamed an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM of becoming a Belly Dancer in a Restaurant and travelling across the country to perform and give dance workshops?

You never know if that dream might come true – so keep dreaming and NEVER GIVE UP!

To my little sister who inspired me, over 30 years ago, please know that you made a BIG DIFFERENCE in my life because you simply said:


Happy Birthday “Kandy”!

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