Regent’s Excellent Super Bowl Adventure!

Super Bowl 2013Ring, ring, ring!  Hey cousin LakeLea, what are you doing?  Hi cousin Anel!  I am making my dad some BBQ ribs and baking a cake for his birthday today.  We plan to eat BBQ for our Super Bowl/Birthday dinner tonight.  Why don’t you swing by?  Okay, I’m on my way, said Anel!

Anel showed off the sequined Black and Gold gown she planned to wear in the Ms. Missouri Pageant.  LakeLea, do you think I should “glamour” some of the pageant contestants?  Granny Smith gave me some of her potion and said I could use it to make the competitors turn into a pig or a monkey during the talent contest.  Anel!  You know better than that!  The glamour always backfires!  Anel persisted.  I see that you are using some of the potion in uncle Regent’s BBQ sauce!  How come you can use it, but I can’t?

Ram FanWell, I’m only using a 1/4 of a teaspoon to bring my Dad 13 years of Good Luck, insisted LakeLea.  See, he is eating some of the BBQ right now without any side effects.  I guarantee you that nothing bad will happen with this tiny bit of glamour.  So I tell you what, let’s just settle this by glamouring into the future to watch Beyonce at half-time and I can “glamour” the Rams to win, since my Dad is rooting for them.  Hold on cousin, said Anel.  My mom wants the Falcons to win, so let’s not cheat to give Regent the outcome he wants.  Instead of going to this year’s Super Bowl, let’s glamour into the 2026 Super Bowl to see my Dad’s 13 years of Good Luck, suggested LakeLea?

Okay, but then on the way back, let’s catch Beyonce at Half Time said Anel!  Deal, said LakeLea!  So the girls hold hand and do a spell to glamour to the year 2026.  They open their eyes and expect to be watching the football game in the future, but instead notice they are in New Orleans for this year’s game.  They see that Beyonce is about to perform.  Cousin!  You did the time travel spell wrong, accused Anel!  No way, I am at the Top of my Class in Fairy School!  I always make 100% on all of the spells I write.  But keep in mind, I am also at the top of my class in Witch School, reminded RugAnel!  Just hand the glamour potion over to me so we can fix this!  No way!  Yes way!

The cousins begin to argue over the potion and began casting spells so they could go to 2026.  Suddenly they  notice that the lights went out in the New Orleans stadium!  Did we do that, asked Anel?  Maybe so, replied LakeLea.  Let’s just get out of here before anyone notices us.

So they calm down and do another spell to go to 2026 to make sure Regent got his 13 years of good luck.  They open their eyes and expect to see a football game in the future.  But instead, they notice Regent playing in the football game.  Where are we, asked Anel?  Look at that sign over there, it says we are in Atlanta!  But the clothes look strange, sort of old.  LakeLea looks at a newspaper and notices the date is January 30, 2000.  But we were supposed to go 13 years FORWARD in the future, not 13 years BACKWARDS?  How did we end up here and why is my Dad playing in the game?

PosterAnel said, I thought uncle Regent used to play football in high school, and turned down the offer to play pro to go into the Military?  LakeLea answered, yes, he sure did back then, so why is is playing in Super Bowl XXXIV?

Anel suggested, maybe your spell sent him back 13 years so he could complete his dream of playing pro instead of joining the Military.  Wow, I guess I did.  What a fabulous birthday gift for my dad after all.  Regent helped the St. Louis Ram win Super Bow XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans!

The girls are suddenly back home in St. Louis and Regent is still watching the Super Bowl.  Regent asked where did they disappear to?  And then said, he thought he noticed them on the TV arguing, right before the lights went out in the stadium?  Did you girls glamour to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2000 RingJust then Anel noticed that Regent was wearing a ring that he didn’t have on before they glamoured.  Where did you get the ring from Uncle Regent!  Quit playing and come clean girl!  You know I got this ring 13 years ago when I helped St. Louis win the Super Bowl!!!

The girls look around and notice that Regent’s house is now a Mansion!  LakeLea says, wow!  What an excellent Super Bowl adventure and the perfect birthday gift for my dad!  I agree, said Anel.  Now I see why Granny Smith made Uncle Regent a Ram, as his super power!!!Beyonce


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