Happy Birthday King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley!

Elvis1Happy Birthday King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley!

The next time you make a Peanut Butter Banana Bacon grilled cheese, give it up for Elvis!  He was truly a Cross-Over sensation!

Elvis would have been 78 years old today.  I still love his movies like Viva Las Vegas and songs like Jailhouse Rock!

Elvis is mentioned in both the Vampire Dancer Saga Parts 1 and 2:



Part 1:

Turd Blue (Temptations, LA)
Snookie (Bitch Witch from New Jersey)
Pelvis (Elvis from the Alternate Universe, Pelvic dancer)
Jake Brickhouse (Womanizer)
RuPaul Fayette (A vampire that can shift to man, woman or mixture of both)
Sara Thor (Voodoo Dancer)

Next came the Best Power Competition. The Turd Blue team showed a fantastic tree offering and transformation into a Dionysus-worshipping Maenad. The crowd went wild and the ratings soared for their sponsor GoHoBos. The ladies in the audience swooned when Pelvis sang the song “Bad Things” and transformed it to a chant for Snookie, “I want to do real bad things to you.” The ladies just loved hearing him say, “Snookie” in that sexy, Deep South twang.

Part 2:

Light tinkled off of the mirrored ball as it gently swayed and spun from the ceiling. Elvis had been putting Team Those70s Disco Dancers through their paces, trying to get as much rehearsal as possible before the club opened for the night. Because there were no windows inside, it was nearly impossible to gage time by the way the light fell, although sometimes you could tell by the way the traffic sounded on the Las Vegas, Nevada strip, right outside the door. Still, they had to depend on the clock behind the bar to keep track of time.



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