The Spirit of Dick Clark(es) Live on in Chapter 1 of the Vampire Dancer Saga, Part 2 Happy New Years 2013!

Dick Clark 1961Salome and I hope that you are enjoying this fine fantasy that includes the fictional Dick ClarkSleeping half-moonon a very Special Happy New Years 2013.  Here is where the journey continues:

Dick Clark5, said, And now a word from our Sponsor, StarchGate Travel. Then he motioned Dick Clarks1-4. Can we really trust Salome? Remember what she did at the last Vampire Institute of Time & Space Nexus meeting. Dick Clarke3 defended Salome, That might be true, but she did the right thing afterwards, but just to be on the safe side, I will keep my eye on her this time. Also remember, the VITA Nexus, which sponsors the Vampire Dance Olympics, is also keeping a close eye on her this time as well. Let’s just keep an open mind and watch her closely at the New Year’s Eve Dinner before the competition starts. Dick Clarke2 mentioned, I can’t wait to try out the Black Eye Peas and cornbread tonight!

WP_000165 - CopyAt dinner that evening, where everyone’s favorite meals have been served, Salome stood amongst the elder vampires and Dick Clarke1, Dick Clarke2, Dick Clarke3, Dick Clarke4, and Dick Clarke5. Horror struck the competitors as they realized that the competition was not to bring camaraderie amongst the dancers and offer them positions at the Nexus, but rather to eliminate all but one team, leaving only seven dancers of choice in the entire Space/Time continuum to train new dancers to combat the darker forces and command nature. What was worse, the first dance competition would be ballet and in a different time period and place every time.  Ballet was a slow and deeply concentrated dance school by comparison to the Tango, Jitterbug, and the Creep.

TrekCaptainsA Cling-On dancer from the Cling-On National Ballet Troupe stood up first to challenge Team Spare Tracks. This much surprised Team Spare Tracks, as Queue1 and Bill Fatner stood opposed to Queue2, the former’s sibling and the latter’s one night stand. Also on the Spare Tracks Team stood Cisco Ten, Picky John, Copy Hipburns, Archie Dracula, and Seven of 7. Queue2 was angered by Bill Fatner’s never calling her back after their fling, and chose the arena immediately, without regard for the others on her team.

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