The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 6 – Dancing Back and Forth to the Future, 6/21/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 6 – Dancing Back and Forth to the Future, the 1950s

Lance was looking forward to his 21st birthday party tomorrow. He was dating 2 different girls and could not decide which one to invite to the party. He was looking forward to buy liquor because he is now of legal age, not being glamoured by his mom to look older.

Also Lance knew he was going to get a special “supernatural” gift from Granny on his 21st birthday. He was so anxious to find out that he could barely sleep for the past week.

1950sLance, Regent and Kief decided to use Granny’s Glamour potion to take a quick “peak” into the future to see what would happen if he invited one of the girls.

They knew where Leana kept the potion so Lance decided to “borrow” just enough to allow him to see into tomorrow’s future. But little did he know, Regent and Kief also decided to “borrow” a little bit of the potion to go a bit further into the future to see their 21st birthdays too.

The 3 young men were so excited about the journey into the future. They borrowed Uncle Nat’s car and hopped in before taking the potion. Gia caught them with the potion. She said, “Don’t use the potion Lance. It is wrong to use the potion to see into the future.”

Bill Haley ElvisLance laughed at her and said, “I’m almost grown now. So go back the house you little Brat and don’t tell anyone!”

Lance drank his potion and told his homeboys he will be back in a few minutes after he sees how his party turns out. But right as Lance drank his potion, Regent and Kief also drank their potion.

The combined potion was too strong. Instead of going 1 day in the future, they went back in time to the past.

They were still in the same neighborhood but everything looked strange. The cars looked like old fishtails. The girls were wearing poodle skirts. And for some reason, there were no African American people on their block.Car

They hid the car behind the Fraction School parking lot and walked around the school. They heard a school dance going on inside and decided to take a look.

A group of kids rushed to them and said, “No Coloreds Allowed! Unless you are with the band.”

Lance, Regent and Kief did in fact have a singing group and sometimes sang old songs taught to them by Uncle FrankieNat. Nat taught them the words to Little Bitty Pretty One by Frankie Lymon. Then later on they sang the version by the Jackson 5.

The school crowd went wild when Lance, Regent and Keif performed Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. The girls were screaming. The kids started doing all sorts of popular dances like the Jive, Chicken and Madison.

Then they saw a familiar face in the crowd. A young lady looked like their old Granny Smith, but a much younger, prettier version.

BuddyHollyShe started dancing towards them and they got scared. They recognized Granny’s Voodoo dance that can be used to Glamour. Young Granny Smith shouted to the boys, “So you like to visit the future? Let’s see how much you like this!”

With that, young Granny threw back in time. They were in their car looking at the neighborhood around them. The street looked so familiar, just like their old block in the Mockingbird Estates. But instead of a Liquor store on the corner, it was a Dress Shop. The mannequin in the dress shop seemed to changing clothes pretty quickly. The dresses started out very long and looked Victorian. Then the dress got shorter and had fringe like a Flapperflapper dress. The dress on the mannequin kept changing, and at one point it was a short mini dress with go go boots. Then as the time progressed, the mannequin dress started looking weird. At one point the dress was made of meat. And at another point the dress was made of metal.

Suddenly time stopped. The boys got out of the car and walked around. The houses were gone and replaced by super tall buildings. They walked a few feet from where the liquor store would be in their old block and entered the very tall building.

Lance was teleported inside. To his big surprise, he saw Granny Smith, now old again, their mom, dad, sisters and the rest of the family.Bopper1

Happy Birthday Lance! What? They threw him a surprise birthday party in the future? How sweet. Turns out that Mare was at the party, so now Lance knew which girl to invite.

But what happened to Regent and Kief?

As it turned out Gia did snitch to Granny Smith that the boys snuck into the Glamour Potion. Right at that time Regent and Kief were teleported back to 1950, but this time in a different location. They looked around and everything looked strange. They saw a lot of pineapples and sugar canes. A lot of the women were doing a hula dance and wearing leis.

Hula1One of the dancers approached them and said that Granny gave them a special gift. They are visiting a state that will soon be the 50th state of America. Granny wanted them to know that when they join the military one day, that they will come back to visit the Island. They will meet 2 beautiful dancing girls that they will marry back in the states.

She said, "The dancing girls cannot wait to Meet you in St. Louis.”













Elvis2 cha
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