Belly Dancer Tribute 1/29/12: Bert Balladine (Petaluma, CA) original Tweet 9/26/11, What is your favorite memory of Bert Balladine?

Bert1Belly Dancer Tribute 1/26/12: Bert Balladine (Petaluma, CA) original Tweet 9/26/11

I LOVE Bert Balladine (1927-2009)!  I first met him at a workshop sponsored by Carol Shannon back in the early 1980s in Fort Worth, TX.  That workshop was so cool.  I also met Amaya and Yasmeen Samra at that event.

There is no other workshop like a workshop with Bert Balladine.  It is more of a “family” gathering.  He is not far away from the dancers, he is up close, personal and in-your-face, in a good way.  Very involved instructor, you don’t feel like a stranger, it’s like you’ve known him all of your life.

I learned one of my most favorite dance steps from Bert, I call it a Basic Beledi step.  Whenever I perform it, or use it in a dance, it brings back a fond memory of meeting him in person.  I loved how Bert made great partnerships with dancers, such as Sula, Carol Shannon, Soraya, Amaya, Shalimar Serene, etc.  Those dance duets were fabulous!

I also had the honor of having him teach a workshop in my hometown with Soraya from Oklahoma City, OK; that was the most financially successful workshop I ever sponsored.

I miss Bert, he’s was like a big brother, so cool, so talented and so down to earth.  A lot of dance workshops are a very “serious” affair.  The instructor has a planned syllabus of instruction and follows it to the letter.  But when you had the honor to be at one of Bert’s workshops, you learned a lot, but you also had so much fun being involved with his personal stories, laughing with him and the way he made each dance student feel special and a part of a family.  With many workshops, it is a “cold” impersonal collection of dancers, but with Bert it was so warm, friendly and personal.

He made dance a lot of fun!  Not that you did not learn a lot when you studied with him, but the process of learning was so fun.  You danced a lot, you learned a lot, but you also laughed a lot.  Here’s to you Bert!
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I will be posting some of my original Dancer Tributes in WordPress, only the early ones that were in Twitter only, not WordPress.  Back when I first starting posting the dancer tributes on Twitter I only had 2 subscribers.  Now that I have more, I realized that a lot of people missed my early dancer tributes.  But as I am reposting those, I will also keep adding new content for topics like Dance Choreography, new Dancer tributes, etc.

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What is your favorite memory of Bert Balladine?

2 comments on “Belly Dancer Tribute 1/29/12: Bert Balladine (Petaluma, CA) original Tweet 9/26/11, What is your favorite memory of Bert Balladine?

  1. I also encountered Burt Balladine for the first time at Carol Shannon’s seminar. I was shy and a raw beginner, and he gave me a huge ego boost. with entourage in tow, he walked up to me through the crowd of attendees and said “do you dance professionally?” I said, in awe, “no”. he said “you should. you have the look. ” then he turned his entourage.. “doesn’t she have the look?” they agreed. My feet did not touch the floor the rest of the day! Now in my elder years, I remember and appreciate that, coming from such an extraordinary man – so talented and do passionate.. and I LOVE what he says about choreography, becuase I’ve never been good at it…!
    love love love Burt…. we love you and always will..


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