Belly Dancer Tribute 1/3/12: Soraya (Margate City, NJ)

SorayaBelly Dancer Tribute 1/3/12: Soraya (Margate City, NJ). Boy can this lady shimmy!!!  We sort of started a friendship and dance “kinship” online.  I am so glad that found out about her dance videos on MySpace and YouTube.  I love it when she releases a new video.  I love her costumes and her dancing.  I love how professional her website is.  And I respect any dancer who sets the rules on performance environments that are not acceptable.  She does not do Bachelor Parties, Outdoor Shows or Restaurant Shows.  That is awesome when you say you will only accept the quality of shows that meet your standards.  She is really tearing this shimmy up in my favorite one of her videos on YouTube:


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2 comments on “Belly Dancer Tribute 1/3/12: Soraya (Margate City, NJ)

  1. Thank you my beautiful friend…what an amazing tribute. I literally just saw this and you absolutely made my night girl! Shokran from the bottom of my heart for this amazing tribute wow…I love what you wrote and am honored you enjoy my Egyptian dance work so much! I have much more more new material to share! I Love you so much Shalimar,! You are an amazing soul. I feel lucky to know you. Hugs, SORAYA xox My brand new website:

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