Dancer Tribute 12/21/11: Tina Turner (Nutbush, TN)

Tina Turner CleopatraDancer Tribute 12/21/11: Tina Turner (Nutbush, TN)
The ladies in my family say, “I wish I look as good as Tina Turner when I get her age.”  But guess what, I have been hearing that for years and Tina is still sexy as ever.  It’s hard to believe she is only 1 year younger than my Mom and a few years older than my Aunt Ernestine.  Of course, I used to try to dance like Tina Turner when I was young and got called Fast.  Proper ladies and church ladies did not go around shaking a tail feather like Tina did.  If the old neighborhood could see me belly dancing now, they won’t believe it’s true.  Who knew that a singer and dancer that I watched and emulated so many years ago on TV would end up sharing something in common – SHAKING!  Belly Dance is all about the shaking.  And nobody shakes it up like Tina!  Sure Beyoncé, Shakira and some other young-ins began shaking 20 or 30 years after Tina, they are awesome, but can’t hold a candle to the Queen of Rock & Roll.  Tina I love all the shimmies and the fringe and shaking that you do, it probably inspired me to belly dance and shake my tail in some fringe like you.  Tina’s style is like a quote from her song, like it rough!  The Egyptian cabaret style, with the facial expressions is very popular today.  I don’t use a lot of that, because it would look “fake” on me and really just not my style.  If anything, I would prefer to keep a style that is rough, earthy and soulful instead.  Just like Tina.  Check her out at:

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