Belly Dance Musician Tribute 12/19/11: John Vartan Ensemble (Spotlight on Belly Dance)

Belly Dance Musician Tribute 12/19/11: John Vartan Ensemble (Spotlight on Belly Dance)
Right now I am practicing some of my old dance choreographies from 20 year ago, so I was looking for cassette tapes to convert to MP3 (with my new Grace Cassette-to-USB gizmo).  Whilst looking for “Tamzara” (Brothers of the Baladi, Food of Love Cassette Tape), I ran across my tape for “Spotlight on Belly Dancing” by the John Vartan Ensemble.  I’m showing my age here, since this cassette (album?) came out in 1980.  I think I have this on LP, but that involves a whole new search to confirm.  At any rate.  I really LOVE this cassette by John Vartan.  I had not heard this in many years.  But I do remember dancing to this music at many shows a long time ago.  It was one of my “go to” dance cassettes.   Back in the day (meaning the 1970s), Monitor Music was a record label to be trusted by Belly Dancers.  They had George Abdo, Hatchig Kazarian, the Feenjon Group and many other great artists.  These talented artists for making music specifically tailored to belly dancers for their dance routines.  As a dancer, you had options back then, as far as picking music that had separation between tracks, or music like Spotlight on Belly Dance, where there was a “blended transition” between tracks.  I remember when Spotlight on Belly Dance first came out.  It was very popular and used by a lot of dancers for shows.  Also, I’m glad that the “Cover Dancer” had some HIPS.  Previous to this cover, most of the dancers used on covers were smaller in size.   Check it out
Spotlight on Belly Dance

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