Belly Dancer Tribute 12/13/11: Natasha Senkovich (Belly Dance for Wimps!)

Belly Dancer Tribute 12/13/11:  Natasha Senkovich (Belly Dance for Wimps!)  A lot of dancers may have criticized this video for being too basic.  But hey, we all have to start somewhere, and usually that “somewhere” is at the very beginning.   Not every dancer starts out dancing like Nagwa Fouad or Bert Balladine.  We all had to learn this dance somewhere from someone and start at the beginning.  And that is the great thing about belly dance videos, is that it allows dancers who live in remote locations the opportunity to learn how to dance.  I was fortunate enough to live in a city of a certain size that already had dance teachers.  But close to where I live there are some dance students in cities that don’t have an instructor.  I had one lady travel 4 hours per week just to study with me because there were no teachers in her city.  For someone like her, a video that starts at the very beginning would have been helpful.  When I first took lessons, there were no “how to belly dance” videos that I knew about.  For the lady who had to travel 4 hours, it might have been helpful to have a video to watch to practice steps or learn choreography.  And not all dancers are at the same level at the same time.  So you can’t just turn your nose up to a beginner dancer who is just starting out to learn.  You have have been dancing for 3-4 years and perhaps you have already done some shows.  It is important to read a video’s label because you might discover that one particular video is not the right one for you.  Also I like to check out belly dance videos and books from my library before I purchase them, just to make sure that is the product I want to buy.  There is nothing wrong with a video being for beginners, intermediate or advanced students or more advanced performers or even geared towards instructors or dance troupes.  So I was a bit taken aback when I noticed some negative criticisms of Belly Dance for Wimps.  I purchased the video and I enjoyed it.  True, the video was for beginners, which I am not.  But I am the type of person that will probably obtain EVERY belly dance video from the library just to check it out.  Natasha did have some basic ways of doing steps and I like the way she broke it down for beginners.  One of my students asked if the video was good, so we watched part of it after class and she really enjoyed it.  I went ahead and gave her the video because she enjoyed it so much.  But again, there is nothing wrong with being at beginner level or dance videos that are geared for beginners.  Back in 1978, that video would have been very appropriate for me since I just started taking lessons.  I’m glad that Natasha made a video that is geared towards those just starting out.  Check her out at:

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