Dancer Tribute 12/8/11: Louie Van Amstel (Dancing with the Stars)

Dancer Tribute 12/8/11: Louie Van Amstel (Dancing with the Stars)
Okay I know this blog is supposed to be mainly about belly dancers, but every now and then I stray off the belly dance path and mention dancers from styles that have inspired me.  One such dancer is Louie Van Amstel (Dancing with the Stars).  I love watching Louie perform!  It is his facial expressions and the SNAP, CRACKLE and POP he puts into each movement.  He really FEELS the movements.  Some dancers are great dancers physically and some dancers and perform the steps perfectly.  If a dancer does not show emotion or a connection, then I warn my students not to be a STICK dancer.  And Louie is by all mean the complete opposite of a stick dancer.  I love his choreographed routines on both DWTS and So You Think You Could Dance.  I’m a bit too long in the tooth, but my favorite dance fantasy would be to have Louie “mold” me like he does with his dance partners.  He can take a sows ear and turn it into silk purse.  I would LOVE to be able to dance with Louie or just meet him in person.  He is a really cool dancer and I love the way he moves and creates choreographies.  Check him out at:

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