Who is the next belly dancer tribute? It could be you?

I would LOVE to feature you in my Daily Dancer Tribute!  I like to honor the dancers, musicians, vendors, costumers, students, etc. who have been a part of my dance career during the past 30 years.  You can check out my past Tributes on my Twitter page #Shalimaral.  But, now I would like to get your permission to feature your, and find out if you want me to post your photo, website link, video link, other contact link.  DANCING IS NOT A SOLO JOURNEY!  Someone taught you and I, we had help from musicians, costumers, workshops sponsors and many others to make us the dancers we are today!  And if you don’t want to “toot” you own horn, then suggest a tribute to another dancer who has shaped your journey.

Comments are welcome/Spam is not/I like true comments/but bots do not!

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