Dancer Tribute: 11/18/11 Ashiya Ali (Lincoln, NE)

I have known Ashiya Ali (Lincoln, NE) for many years.  I remember going to workshops she sponsored in  Lincoln, NE and I enjoyed all of her workshop instructors and the dancers in her shows.  But Ashiya is also a dance TRAILBLAZER!  I can remember many moons ago when she did a FUTURISTIC dance in one of her shows!  That was unheard of back in the day, when most performers stuck to “safer” dances like Cabaret or Folkloric style.  Her dance really stood out because it was so different and so innovative.  Nowadays, many dancers are fusing other styles with Belly Dance.  But she was the first that I remember who was bold enough to do a dance that really stood out in the show!  She is an amazing dancer!

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